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Think! Knowledge 4-Week SAT Prep Program will thoroughly prepare the students for
all aspects of the redesigned exam.  The program provides a comprehensive, guided
instruction to help the students achieve the best SAT score.  The test prep program is
lead through knowledgeable instruction focusing on the student test prep needs.  The
structured 4-week program has an optimal schedule and provides in-depth preparation
and directed homework assignments in a defined format.

Think! Knowledge has the best instructors who are SAT test prep experts.  They exhibit
individual consideration and interest in their students and provide guidance and
direction in the classroom.  The instructors teach the core content required for the
redesigned SAT exam as well as test-taking methods and strategies.  They demonstrate
how to navigate questions step-by-step, how to break down problems so that it is easy
to understand, and how to approach each question type correctly.  Our instructors
define what is expected and provide a reasonable study plan outside of class to
maximize success.  Think! Knowledge test prep program will provide the students with
everything they need to achieve their best SAT score.
SAT Prep Program Highlights
  • 4-Week format, meeting every Sunday
  • Pre-test provided on the first meeting for assessing each student’s baseline
  • Over 17 hours of classroom time
  • Comprehensive review for mastery of Critical Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Small group size, maximum of 10 students per session
  • Learn from the best instructors who have High School teaching experience, graduate degrees,
    and/or tutoring experience in the community
  • Remarkable test-taking strategies and techniques
  • Specially designed homework assignments in Critical Reading, Writing, and Math to enhance
  • Relevant and practical course materials, including 1 full-length practice test
  • Pre- and Post-Test to measure growth through the program
  • Utilize official test questions published by College Board
  • This is NOT a cram session nor a boot camp; students will learn skills that can be applied in
    their classroom!
The Benefit of a Live Instructor
Think! Knowledge focuses entirely on a classroom based format.  Many students can experience stress
and  anxiety when preparing for the SAT.  With a knowledgeable instructor guiding the class, the
students can get help in real time.  In a classroom based program, the instructors can address questions
as they occur as well as pick up on areas of weakness on an individual basis.  Clarification, challenging
questions and individual problems will receive instant response.  The human interaction of a classroom
based setting is vital to learning. In order for students to achieve their best score, they will need direct
guidance, instruction and interaction from a live, expert instructor.  With the arrangement of a
classroom format, the instructor will ensure that students remain on task and are held accountable for
completing their work.  Time is utilized effectively!
Class Size
Think! Knowledge has a maximum class size of 10 students. Smaller student - to - instructor ratio
contributes to better retention resulting in a higher score on the SAT exam. With the instructor observing
how the student learns and retains information, there can be immediate modifications made to efficiently
maximize class time. A small class allows the instructor to closely notice and carefully monitor how
individual students are doing. In a small setting, the instructor has time to answer student questions. The
quicker response makes for greater progress. Individual development is easily monitored because there are
fewer students to account for. This allows the instructor to be more accommodating in their content and
therefore students can learn exactly what they need.
Higher Score
Think! Knowledge in-person, classroom based SAT prep program will supply the students with everything
they need to reach their best score on the exam. Our SAT prep program provides helpful course materials that
are skillfully incorporated into the lectures.  We created a carefully designed lesson plan with adapted
homework assignments to help each student practice and ultimately tackle newly learned skills and strategies.
This SAT prep program is an all-inclusive, engaging course that requires student’s determination and hard
work.  Students who are focused, do the assigned homework, participate in class, and are fully committed will
achieve success in the redesigned SAT.
Our  SAT prep program is competitively priced at $25 per hour.  All materials are included in the price.  Think!
Knowledge will provide students with everything they will need to prepare for the redesigned SAT Exam
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Pre-Test and Critical Reading
Post-Test and Strategies