Algebra Program

Math is undoubtedly one of the toughest subjects.  Even for students who like
mathematics, it can still provide challenges and create barriers.  An astonishing thing
about it is that if students are not able to understand topics from the beginning, they
usually spend the rest of the school year being lost.

           Think! Knowledge can help improve your child's math skills.

There will be an Algebra course focused solely on preparing students on using
general rules for arithmetical operations.  These sessions will be taught by a certified
high school math teacher who has been teaching in the Sweetwater Union High
School District for over ten years.  The teacher will provide examples on the board
as students take notes and practice these concepts.  These sessions will not be done
as group work, but more as individualized learning supplemented with conversations
amongst other students.  Each student will be responsible for their own acquirement
of the information, not the group as a whole!

The main goal is to ensure that even with the changes in the math curriculum, your
child will still succeed in the most fundamental topic of all: Algebra!